The world's top ten watches of the eleventh name: Breguet (Breguet)

Customer sent this watch, according to the description: watch has been wearing for 5 years, about 10 seconds per day slow; need maintenance; In addition, the appearance of the scratches to help deal with the next. It seems that the watch is still the main uk replica watches the main watch, not only that, this watch equipped with a Panerai automatic winding movement OP XXIII, making this to ensure that the travel time and power more accurate. So, 5 years of slow 10 seconds, is still quite good. After the master detection: watch the movement clean, full wash oil maintenance, adjust the time to go; appearance will help polished. Separate the strap and the watch body; open the back cover of the watch with a professional open-cover tool (before doing the initial inspection, open the watch.) Remove the watch movement. One by one to remove the parts under the replica watches uk movement (mainly divided into automatic part of the needle part of the chain part of the power part of the timing part of), there are about hundreds of parts. Master with a pair of tweezers to remove these parts, about 1-2 hours. After all the dismantling is completed, into the cleaning agent with the characteristics of the automatic washing machine washing about 45 minutes, remove. Re-assembled parts of the watch movement, and in the appropriate location on the point of the appropriate lubricants. (The store is often curious about the main rolex replica watches can not help but demolition movement, but can not assemble, repair to the store. You know, this movement, it is a very serious injury. According to the needs of customers, simply refurbished about the case, lugs, watch, as well as clasp. Compared with before the repair, but also restored the original luster. Finally, with the mechanical watch calibrator to adjust the watch's travel time error, under normal circumstances, need to adjust the watch down to the error value until the normal range. Detection of water resistance, and 5-6 azimuth simulation of the arm swing when the watch isometric test, up to 42 hours or more. Summary: Watch 10 seconds a day slow, wash oil maintenance, adjust the time under the surface scratch renovation.